Improving Collaboration in Your Office

July 24, 2017

Motivating your team to work at their very best might sound like a daunting task, but with enough commitment to boosting collaboration, you can truly tap into their potential.

How can you do this? There are various solutions available to the modern workplace. Your choices of software, office design, and furniture all have a powerful impact on your employees’ collaborative skills.

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Unite Your Team Remotely



Collaborative software is increasingly popular today. Project management tools enable you to keep track of tasks, assign work to yourself or others, and share files among a team of any size.

This helps to bring teams closer together, minimizing the risk of overlaps, confusion, and mistakes. Even employees who are traveling or working remotely will be able to get involved and stay abreast of all relevant activities.

On a similar note, cloud-based storage solutions provide an ideal way to collaborate. Software like Google Drive enable you to share files, add comments in real-time, and make changes in full view of each other. This makes collaboration fast, simple, and incredibly convenient.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?


The importance of comfort cannot be underestimated.

Subjecting your employees to stiff, mass-produced seats which fail to support their weight properly is a big mistake; not only will it leave them with aches and pains, it may also affect their concentration and mood.

Focus and a collaborative mindset are crucial to bringing a team together. You can enhance both of these by providing employees with more comfortable furniture, such as ergonomic chairs (which empower users to adjust the setup to their unique preferences). Couches should also be placed throughout the office, to create a more relaxed, social environment which encourages collaboration.

On top of this, designer furniture creates a more high-end, luxurious aesthetic, injecting a touch of sophistication to any office.

Embrace A Policy of Openness



The open-plan office is ideal for collaboration.

No more cubicles, no more private offices – provide employees with an open, airy environment which fosters experimentation and discussion. By encouraging your workers to share concepts, pool ideas, and bounce suggestions back and forth, you can create an entirely new dynamic in your workplace.

Look to giants of Silicon Valley, such as Facebook, which take a bold approach to their office design. These make workers feel more comfortable and more relaxed, but you should provide private areas in case someone wishes to work individually.

A more collaborative approach to your work is healthy for your employees, your business, and your customers. By grouping together, your team have a greater chance of innovating and taking concepts in bold new directions.

Have you already seen the benefits that greater collaboration can bring?

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