Adding Personality to Your Workplace with Designer Furniture

July 12, 2017

Want to transform your office into one visitors will remember?

Put yourself in their shoes.

How does your workplace welcome them whenever they visit? What does your office say about your brand, your ethos, your professionalism? Can they make a solid identification of your company’s quality and success from the moment they arrive?

Asking yourself these questions is a fantastic way to see your work environment through existing and prospective clients’ eyes, enabling you to assess the kind of impact you make on them – and identify whether or not improvements are needed.

While certain factors are critical (paint, lighting etc.), you should never underestimate the power of designer furniture. Not only are these far more comfortable than cheap, mass-produced furnishings, they also contribute to a bolder, more inviting aesthetic overall.

The Lasting Satisfaction of Comfort


Bringing a visitor into your office, be it a small space or spread across multiple floors, is a big step. This is especially true the first time they come by: good first impressions are invaluable, and you don’t get the chance to make them twice. Science has shown that people make up their minds within seven seconds, and if they dislike your office design, they may well feel the same about you.

You’re bringing someone who may prove worthwhile to your business into your engine room (so to speak), showing off the place in which your brand’s concepts, products, and services begin.

Having them leave under the impression that your brand is bland, characterless, and out of touch with the modern business community could be a major disadvantage. At the start of a meeting, inviting potential or current clients to sit in a luxurious designer chair will help to make them feel welcome; it will also suggest you’re aiming to impress, or are at least aware of how important a good impression is.

With ergonomic chairs or sleek, plush seats, you’re guaranteed to provide visitors with an incredible amount of comfort. This is conducive to a more focused discussion, preventing the risk of discomfort, which may create tension and, possibly, irritation.

Of course, the color and material you choose when investing in high-end designer furniture is pivotal, too. Your chairs and couches must complement their surroundings, be it in their color, their general aesthetic, or both.

Color and dynamism are a cornerstone of the modern office, as popularized by giants of Silicon Valley: open layouts, bold tones, and a warm, relaxed atmosphere are becoming the norm for countless businesses. By choosing the right luxurious furniture, you’re able to reinforce your brand’s personality and core colors.

The leading manufacturers of luxurious furniture, including Crossford Furniture, provide offices just like yours with designer pieces that mix impeccable style with irresistible comfort. Investing in key chairs and couches will bring more personality to your workplace, and ensure you make the very best first impression on visitors – which may prove vital in securing clients.

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