Creating a Dynamic Meeting Room

July 14, 2017

Meetings are an integral part of running a business. Ideal for everything from sitting with potential clients to bringing your staff together to discuss upcoming projects, they are common in all areas of industry.

While it’s a terrific idea to hold meetings off-site from time to time, hosting them in a dedicated conference room or office is more convenient. However, keeping people’s attention during long meetings is often a struggle, even if it’s an important subject.

Creating a dynamic room will make your meetings far more enjoyable for everyone. Not only will attendees feel more engaged, the person hosting will actually enjoy a greater response; as anyone who has ever had to address a disinterested, bored audience will know, having their undivided attention is a big help.

What can you do to design a more dynamic meeting room in your workspace?

Inject More Personality


Bland, dreary offices are thankfully becoming a thing of the past, and meeting rooms should reflect this change. When you ask people to sit in a colorless, lifeless space for long periods, it’s easy for their mind to wander and their mood to drop.

Add bolder colors to those white walls. Replace that gray carpet. Hang art or posters on the walls, to reflect yours or your team’s personal tastes. Not only will more color and artistic flourishes make the meeting room feel brighter and more inviting, it also creates a less formal atmosphere.

The more relaxed and comfortable your attendees feel, the more productive your meetings will be.

Embrace Luxury

Speaking of comfort, don’t underestimate the power of designer furniture.

Invest in luxurious chairs and sofas to replace those mass-produced fold-out seats or wooden chairs. Ergonomic chairs, such as those made by Crossford Furniture, are far more comfortable, supporting users’ weight brilliantly.

Your attendees will be able to focus more on the topic at hand without being preoccupied by their discomfort or frustration.

Refresh Your Lighting

Natural lighting is shown to have a positive effect on workers, allowing for greater concentration and happiness. Don’t block the sun out with blinds (unless it’s for someone’s comfort), and, if need be, invest in bigger windows.

Having more natural light streaming in will also add a warmth and vibrancy to your meeting room, helping to lift attendees’ moods.

You may also want to experiment with other lighting features, such as neon signs or lava lamps. Both can bring far more personality and charm to a space, and are available at relatively low costs.

Have you given your meeting room a makeover with high-end furniture or increased natural lighting, and if so, what positive results have you seen?

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