Creating the Perfect Home Office

May 26, 2017

More and more Americans are working from home every year. Between 2013 and 2014, the number of employees telecommuting grew by 5.6 percent, while 3.7 million people now spend at least half their working time at home.

Not only does this reduce overheads for businesses, it also allows workers to cut time and money spent on commuting. However, depending on the size of your home, the amount of space you have to set-up your own office may be extremely limited.

Regardless of the room available, you can still create a home office that motivates you, offers supreme comfort, and makes working altogether more enjoyable.

Consider Privacy


Even if you have the home to yourself during weekdays, there may be times when you need to work outside standard business hours, and require privacy to concentrate.

For this reason, be sure to set up your home office in a space where privacy is assured. For example, fitting your desk and computer into the family room might seem like a good idea at first, but if others are using the space, you may struggle to work.

On a similar note, keep your workplace away from anything that will distract you easily, such as your television.

Choose Luxurious Furniture

While employers may prefer to give workers the cheapest furniture available, you should invest in the most luxurious designer pieces for your own office.

Crossford crafts furniture which combines style and comfort like no other brand. Our ergonomic chairs afford optimal relaxation and support while still lending your office high-end aesthetics.

If you plan on sitting at a desk all day, the right chair makes all the difference. Your concentration will be improved, your productivity boosted, and you’ll avoid those common aches and pains.

Prioritize Good Organization

Develop an organizational system for your home office. You can easily waste time searching for an elusive printed document or file if you let your space become a mess.

Try to keep on top of your printouts, research, and other hard-copy files to avoid time-consuming setbacks later. Create specific folders for different documents and label them accordingly.

If needs be, write reminders to yourself on post-it notes to stay organized; give your desk a tidy every couple of hours to avoid things piling up.


Seek Out Natural Lighting


You need as much natural light as you can get, so create your workspace close to a window (if possible). This will help you to feel energized and connected with the world outside; you’ll also minimize energy costs.

If you need to create your home office in a basement or away from windows, consider investing in a daylight-replicating fixture, which recreates authentic daylight to great effect. Dimmer switches are also highly effective for controlling light and avoiding eye-strain.

A home office has the power to revolutionize your work life, enabling you to work within a comfortable environment, save money on commuting, and stay organized in your own way. However, choosing the right space and investing in luxurious, ergonomic furniture is critical to maximize your home office.

Have you considered working from home, and if so, how do you make the space your own?

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