Designing a Workplace With Room for Growth

May 24, 2017

With hard work, dedication, and innovation, your business can grow beyond even your own expectations.

As your commitments and responsibilities expand with your enterprise, you’ll come to depend on additional employees to make work light. Still, nobody wants to spend day after day in cramped offices without space to relax.

Open-plan workplaces are becoming more and more common, popularized by major corporations which emphasize the importance of a relaxed environment and collaboration. You can save money on developments and expansions down the line by designing your office with room for growth in the first instance.

You may not make it to the Fortune 100 fastest-growing businesses in the USA yet, but with the right approach, you can prepare for it properly.


Leave Space Free to be Reconfigured

In even the smallest workplace, it’s tempting to use every single inch of space.

However, if you give yourselves individual offices and cram the place with furniture, you’re limiting your chances for growth. Yes, you can always move to a bigger space – but this means added expense, transportation costs, extra rent, and more on top of additional salaries.

Embrace an open design and leave space for more desks in the future. You can use these areas for a couch or relaxation space for the time being, and downsize these as required.

Plan Ahead with Furniture

As your enterprise grows, you’ll welcome more employees and visitors into your office. You don’t want to ask potential clients to sit on milk crates or stacks of printer paper, nor do you want to struggle to seat new employees on their first day.

Invest in a couple of extra pieces for both visitors and future colleagues; spend money on the very best furniture. Luxury designer pieces, such as ergonomic chairs, will add a more elegant, refined aesthetic to your workplace, and ensure you enjoy blissful comfort day after day.

Be Willing to Adopt New Ideas

Your office design will change over time, or, at least, it should.

As anyone who has ever worked in a space that retained its whitewashed walls and standard carpets for years will know, a workplace needs character. While it’s terrific to imbue your office with personality, to reinforce your brand and ethos, be flexible to new approaches.

Make new employees aware that their ideas and suggestions will be taken into consideration; just as your team grows, your décor should grow with it.


Don’t Be Afraid to Think Big

When you first view potential new locations for your workplace, don’t be afraid to think big. Study the space available and consider what you’d like to achieve in the next two years.

Would you like to take on five new employees to form a couple of new departments? Can you realistically plan to go bigger than this? As outlandish as maximum growth may seem in your early stages, a lack of preparation may see you having to invest in a new space mere months in the future, incurring greater expense and inconvenience.

With luck, dedication, and forward-thinking, your company will grow bigger than you might even believe possible at first. Reflect this positive outlook in your office design, following the above strategies.

Have you adopted a growth-ready design in your workplace?

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