How Can You Make Your Office More Welcoming?

July 11, 2017

Every company’s office must be welcoming to visitors.

Without a doubt, your existing and potential clients should be made to feel at home and relaxed, but truly providing a welcoming atmosphere is critical. You need to take steps to ensure both your décor and furniture leaves visitors with a positive experience.

Fortunately, the modern business has more options and techniques available to cultivate a welcoming environment than ever before. Brands of all sizes and demographics must make their office look and feel unique to them, without sacrificing the warm, inviting sensibility that’s so vital.

What can you do to achieve this?


Embrace Bright Colors


This may be an obvious suggestion, but it bears mention.

Dull, dreary decors not only make offices a challenge to work within, but they do little to welcome visitors. Scientific research backs this up.

Some businesses may move into a new workplace and leave the white walls undecorated; they will neglect to paint over them with warmer colors, let alone hanging artworks for added effect.

Choose vibrant colors that grant your office a real sense of excitement and dynamism. Green, terracotta, purple, red, and similar tones are fantastic – stay away from browns or grays.


Invest in Luxurious Designer Furniture


Part and parcel of making a strong impression is your choice in furniture. Asking visitors to sit on uncomfortable chairs for long periods – be it in the reception area or during a meeting – is unlikely to make them feel too warm towards you or your brand.

At an aesthetic level, outfitting the office with bland, mass-produced furniture detracts from an otherwise attractive, unique décor.

Invest in high-end designer furniture for maximum visual impact and unparalleled comfort. Pieces produced by Crossford Furniture blend impeccable style and luxurious comfort with expert precision.

Add Personality and Character



On a similar note to the first point, be willing to add personality and character to your office through bold design choices.

This goes beyond the color of your walls, though. This applies to paintings, photographs, murals, and other pieces that showcase your team’s interests and achievements.

This may be inspiration images from history, paintings that relate to your brand or ethos, or framed certificates / awards. Obviously, you must avoid anything that may be controversial or off-putting.Make visitors know exactly where they are, and ensure they remember you when they leave.

By following the above methods, you can transform your office into one visitors will want to come back to again and again.

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