Making the Most of a Small Office Space

May 31, 2017

In the majority of cases, small businesses operate in small offices.

Money is tight, space is a luxury; depending on the size of your team, you may well struggle to accommodate every employee in the greatest comfort.

However, despite the financial implications, you simply must make the most of your workspace, enhancing both the aesthetics (to wow visitors and employees alike) and comfort.

To help you transform your small office, we at Crossford Furniture have compiled the below tips …

Embrace Color


In some cases, you may feel that bold colors are a bad choice for your office. Given the cramped space, more neutral tones often seem the smartest pick … but is this true?

Not at all.

You want to create an office which reflects your brand’s style, voice, and culture. Embrace whichever colors do this best, provided they don’t create an unflattering combination or stand to affect employees’ mood. For example, black walls and black carpets are unlikely to be in anyone’s best interests.

Blues, pinks, oranges, reds, greens – embrace the vibrancy, energy, and dynamism a touch of color creates. Light colors also make rooms look bigger, while darker ones minimize them..

Never Underestimate the Importance of Comfort

Small offices may well be stuffy and cramped, but you should try to make them as comfortable as possible. You might not be able to expand the space itself, but investing in high-quality luxurious furniture is guaranteed to enhance your experience on a daily basis.

Designer chairs, with an ergonomic build crafted by experts, are essential for yourself and visitors. Not only will you avoid aches and pains, you’ll also boost your ability to concentrate; at the same time, you’ll enhance the ‘wow’ factor of your workspace.

Even if your chairs feel a little too large for your office, don’t underestimate the importance of high-end furniture in an environment of ANY size.

Emphasize the Most Interesting Points

If your office has a large bay window, exposed brick wall, or period features, be sure to draw attention to these.

Spruce them up with color, emphasize them with lighting, or draw attention to them in another way; you’ll create a focal point for a confined space, leading the eye. A single distinctive feature has the power to inject character and personality into even the most cramped confines.

Lighting Matters

Natural light can add space to a room, particularly through large windows or skylights. In a small office in a low-cost area, your view may not be quite as picturesque as you’d like; however, you can minimize the impact by placing colorful plants on the window sill.

If you only have one small window, consider the cost of investing in a new one, or expanding your existing windows. Natural light has also been shown to boost productivity, reduce eyestrain, alleviating stress, and more; it also limits the amount of electricity you need, thus saving you further money.

Small businesses may well struggle to upgrade to bigger offices within your first few years, yet if you invest time, money, and effort into maximizing the space you have, you’ll create an environment you can be proud of.

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