Planning for the New Collaborative Workplace

May 19, 2016

Collaboration is key to the modern workplace.

In a collaborative office, workers are encouraged to constantly pool ideas, share concepts, and focus on common goals as a team. Employees can come together as a unified whole at their desks and in characterful breakout spaces without having to huddle in crowded, bland meeting rooms.

Clearly, this benefits both the business and the morale of its team. Research shows that 67% of workers believe colleagues can help and encourage them to perform better in their roles.

Of course, your choice of furnishing is critical: the more comfortable your team feels in, the better they’ll perform.

The days of punishing plastic seats, bland desks, and washed-out color schemes are over. The biggest corporations around the world make an effort to provide employees with luxurious workplaces that foster good relationships and fearless collaboration.

By investing in the finest designer furniture that feels tailor-made to your workspace, you can cultivate an environment luxurious enough to make your team feel at home.

Focus on Ergonomic Design

You simply can’t waste money on bland, mass-produced chairs and expect your team to spend eight hours a day, five days a week on them without complaint. Poor posture and discomfort are hardly conducive to productivity, and if they can see senior members of the company relaxing in luxurious seats, resentment is a guaranteed side-effect.

Instead, show the team everyone’s equal.

Ergonomic designer chairs, crafted for irresistible luxury and comfort, have the power to transform workspaces entirely. Every employee should feel their chair is crafted exclusively for them, granting them the flexibility and freedom to stay comfortable all day long.

Variety = The Spice of Life

This well-worn saying is especially true of the workspace.

Not only will identical chairs, desks, and decorations in every office of your base bore your team after endless hours, what kind of impression do you expect to make on visitors? You want your environment to feel explicitly, uniquely YOURS.

Mix your colors, materials, and finishes together to create a powerfully stylish effect. Consider alternating chairs from one desk to another, and allowing workers a choice of desk (glass-topped, mahogany etc.).

Vary decorating styles from one department to another, giving each area of the business a distinctive atmosphere.

A more varied, diverse décor should reflect your eclectic workforce – allowing employees to be themselves ensures each will bring their own thoughts and ideas to the collaborative process.

Never Cut Corners


You may see investing in cheap, identical desks and chairs as a shrewd business move … but you’ll only be putting yourself at a disadvantage.

First and foremost, low cost often equates to low quality. Secondly, you run the risk of designing an office that resembles hundreds of others across the country (if not the world).

Invest in high-end, luxurious designer furniture crafted by visionary experts, such as Crossford: you’ll show your workers that you truly care about their comfort, as well as create an unforgettable environment for visitors.

The collaborative workplace is dynamic. The collaborative workplace is fun. The collaborative workplace is designed to bring out the very best in your team. Make working a joy through unparalleled comfort, luxury, and charm – your team will thank you for it. After all, teams that work together well incur lower healthcare costs in the long run.

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