The Future of Workplace Design

May 29, 2017

Workplaces are, by and large, evolving for the better.

While offices of the past may have been bland, stuffy, uptight environments, many business sites today are anything but. Consider the prominence of casual dress codes, breakout spaces, free fruit, and more: employees enjoy far greater comfort than previous generations.

Still, workplace design will continue to change as the years pass by, embracing emerging trends. What will we see in the future?


Luxurious Ergonomic Furniture



Nobody wants to leave work after a long, hard day with aches and pains. Over time, poor-quality furniture may lead to ongoing medical complaints, and affect your concentration.

Sadly, the chairs countless employees are forced to use everyday have just this effect; they’re stiff, generic, and mass-produced.

Comfort is essential for employees, and slowly but surely, forward-thinking companies are recognizing this. Businesses will continue to invest in luxurious designer furniture for their offices, bringing ergonomic chairs to offices to ensure employees’ focus is unaffected by discomfort.

The more relaxed, comfortable, and at ease workers feel, the better their performance will be. It’s absolutely a worthwhile investment for the future.


More Open Offices for Greater Collaboration


According to a survey, nine of out 10 workers felt that workplace design has an impact on their productivity.

Open-plan offices are ideal for promoting more productivity, allowing workers to collaborate and feel part of a team; rather than being contained within private offices or cubicles, employees are free to get involved in discussions.

As a result, ideas can be shared, departments can come together, and an overall sense of working as one company towards a common goal will be cultivated.

In an open space, desks and chairs should be as comfortable as possible; every employee has to feel as if they have their own personal space they can make their own, while still being part of a team.


Casual Meeting Rooms



Traditionally, meetings have always taken place in dull conference rooms or drab offices. This only serves to make them less engaging, less interesting, and less productive: employees are more likely to focus only on how soon they can leave rather than generating ideas.

The future of workplace design calls for more casual meeting spaces, free of the uncomfortable chairs, bland décors, and cramped layout. Workers should be invited to relax on designer couches and luxurious chairs, in bright, spacious, airy breakout rooms; this feels more of a social event, encouraging employees to get out of ‘work’ mode and unwind.

This enables them to think more creatively, coming up with ideas and exploring territory they may otherwise fail to see.

Crossford produces only the most luxurious, ergonomic furniture for modern worplaces, bringing unparalleled comfort and style – both of which are crucial to successful offices of the future.

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