The Importance of a Luxurious Breakout Space

July 11, 2017

The breakout space is increasingly vital in modern offices.

Your employees work hard to keep your business performing at its best. Long days spent at their desks, focused on computer screens, creating ideas, giving 100 percent to advance your brand.

Still, even the best team needs a break from time to time.

With a luxurious breakout space, you can treat your staff to time away from their desks and their responsibilities in stunning surroundings. Let’s look at some essential ideas for creating an irresistible breakout space.


Game On



A particularly great addition to a breakout space is games.

Not only do these allow your staff to blow off steam, they also contribute to effective team-bonding. Depending on your budget and workers’ interests, you should invest in games of different kinds – board games, table football, arcade machines, video game consoles, and decks of playing cards all appeal to diverse tastes.

Get your employees’ input beforehand, so you invest wisely.


Designer Furniture


Many breakout spaces feature beanbags and plastic chairs. While the former are comfortable and cool, the latter tend to be less so, unsuited to long periods of relaxation.

However, beanbags are impractical for people with reduced mobility, or who simply cannot get into a comfortable position.

Instead, invest in designer furniture for a truly luxurious breakout space. Ergonomic chairs, plush couches, and recliners all provide your team with a great room to relax in, giving them the treat they deserve for their efforts.

Food and Drinks


While vending machines are commonplace in breakout spaces, you also need to provide workers with free snacks and drinks.

As they unwind in your breakout space, your team want to refresh themselves and recharge their batteries. Buy fruit, candy, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, tea and coffee, and other treats for your employees; not only do these help them feel relaxed and at home, they also reinforce their sense of worth.

Show them how much you value their comfort and happiness by asking which foods and drinks they want in the breakout space.


Entertainment Options



As well as the gaming options mentioned earlier, consider investing in television and music facilities.

This doesn’t have to be anything particularly extravagant, but a TV and / or set of speakers allows your team to take their mind off work for a while. Even if these simply play in the background, as people talk or play games, a television or music facilities can help your team unwind.

Again, take a poll of your team’s thoughts and feelings on the subject. Are there a particular set of channels they want? How about music – could a retro jukebox be an option, or would they prefer something a little more modern?


Lighting Matters


Natural lighting has been shown to have a positive impact on workers, so be sure to allow plenty of it into your breakout space.

Large windows facing seating areas can help to boost moods and aid relaxation in the breakout space, and create a brighter feel.

Crossford Furniture creates high-end designer pieces that revolutionize offices and breakout spaces, bringing a touch of elegant luxury to even the most cutting-edge environment.

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