What Science Has to Say About Choosing the Right Chair

July 11, 2017

There’s more to a beautiful chair than just aesthetics.

During a long working day, your employees want to feel comfortable, relaxed, and focused on the task at hand. While numerous factors affect this (job satisfaction, lighting, noise levels, working environments etc.), the right chair has more impact on this than you may believe.

When businesses invest in low-cost furniture, the sad truth is they may well invest in poor quality too. However, choosing luxurious designer chairs for your office offers numerous benefits to employees’ health and well-being.

You have to invest in your team with each piece you buy. Research supports the importance of proper seating, as we’ll explore below …

No More Aches or Pains

Having aches throughout your body may seem par for the course, but should you accept it?


If you find yourself becoming uncomfortable during your day, so too will your employees – and consider how much worse they’ll feel if you already have superior furniture in your personal office.

A designer ergonomic chair offers adjustable features, to help support your body, aiding the spine’s natural curve to prevent ongoing stiffness. This also may minimize indigestion usually resulting from digestive organs becoming compressed (through sitting with poor posture).

Boosting Circulation


With ergonomic chairs, blood is allowed to flow properly throughout the body. Poor-quality seating, on the other hand, is known to inhibit circulation.

Designer chairs enable you to adjust your seat to match your legs’ length, and keep them at a 90-degree angle; this aids effective circulation.

This is responsible for getting nutrients and blood to your organs and keeping your system working as it should. Poor circulation is indicated by numbness, muscular cramps, and tingling – common sensations many office-workers will be familiar with.

Investing in the right chairs for your employees will minimize the above symptoms, and therefore improve your overall health.

Enhancing Concentration

Your team has to be able to concentrate to produce their best work. This is especially true if your business requires creative approaches, innovation, and visionary concepts.

However, poor-quality furniture can lead to back pain – which may lead to a serious decline in the ability to concentrate. Research has shown that chronic back pain causes the brain’s gray matter to shrink as much as 11 percent every year; this is incredibly concerning, when you consider this shrinking should only occur at a rate of 0.5 percent per year instead.

With luxurious furniture, your employees stand to experience greater comfort, leading to greater concentration – and, of course, greater performance.

At Crossford Furniture, our expert team is dedicated to producing only the finest designer furniture. The style and comfort of each piece we create is of paramount importance, giving you innovative aesthetics and unparalleled luxury.

Adding our ergonomic chairs to your office ensures your employees feel and perform at their best day after day. This is vital for continued success and uplifting morale; in open-plan offices, where consistent collaboration plays a key role, comfortable furniture ensures better moods and atmosphere, for best results.

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