Workspace Trends Helping You Boost Productivity in 2017

May 19, 2017

Without a doubt, every enterprise has to be as productive as possible.

However, this is easier said than done. Numerous factors may well impact how your team, and your business itself, performs.

While not all of these are under your control, some are – specifically, the way in which your workplace affects productivity..

The aesthetics and atmosphere of any business’s workplaces affect the way in which employees perform. Ignoring this aspect and creating a bland, uncomfortable environment will do nothing to improve your team’s work – which is why you have to embrace the latest workspace trends.

Emphasize Teamwork and Collaboration

Having your employees work together to achieve shared goals is incredibly positive, for both morale and performance.

While many office workers are doubtless familiar with communicating via email, phone, and project-management software, actually coming together to collaborate is increasingly popular today. Cultivate this mindset by restructuring your workspace to be more open and relaxed; make it easier for colleagues to talk, share ideas, and display visual materials without having to leave their seat or pick up the phone.

Invest in Your Employees’ Comfort

Wellness and happiness were overlooked in too many workplaces for the longest time, but modern businesses (rightly) understand their importance.

One key aspect of boosting staff’s wellbeing and happiness? Investing in designer furniture offering supreme luxury throughout the working day. Crafted by experts, from the finest materials, designer furniture encourages proper posture and eliminates discomfort; as a result, your employees will enjoy stronger concentration and (crucially) become more productive.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to provide blissful comfort for employees, built to support your body and eliminate those aches & pains caused by one-size-fits-all mass-produced furniture. This investment in designer seats and desks can transform an entire workplace, providing your team with the quality of comfort they might expect at a luxury venue rather than their office.


A Fresher Approach

Greenery elevates the look and feel of any workspace.

A variety of plants, flowers, and water features throughout your office has the power to create a fresher atmosphere. Research has shown that plants can lift workers’ moods, and help to bring a more organic feel to otherwise artificial environments.

This applies to lighting, too. Consider bigger windows to bring more natural light into the office, and to allow employees a better view of the world beyond the office; this is far preferable to stark lighting and the glow of a dozen computer screens. Nobody wants to feel imprisoned within their office or as if they’re cut off from fresh air, cool breezes, and the natural world.

By investing in a revitalized workspace, you’re also investing in your team’s happiness – and, as a result, their productivity.

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