A Design Solution to Workplace Collaboration

June 22, 2017

A Design Solution to Workplace Collaboration

In today’s workplace, team dynamics and collaboration are far more important than ever before.

Workforces of the past may have been condemned to private cubicles or chained to desks with only their own resources to draw upon, but times have changed. The modern office is open and alive with energy, with creativity, and with innovation.

At least, this is how some of the strongest brands leading the way present themselves. Facebook, for example, has famously trend-setting workspaces, inspiring countless startups to design more casual offices that solidify their individuality.

Open, more relaxed offices are designed to encourage greater collaboration, leading to more productivity and stronger bonds between colleagues. 71% of employees claim working as part of a team makes them more creative, while 90% feel more confident with co-workers alongside them.

How can you foster workplace collaboration through comfort in your business?

Treat Each Employee as a Valued Individual

Anybody with experience in a role where they felt undervalued and taken for granted knows how badly this impacts your morale. As a result, the worse you feel at your desk, the less effort you’re likely to invest in your everyday responsibilities.

One thing that has a powerful effect on your employees’ morale? Poor furniture.

Having to spend eight hours a day, five days per week seated on a stiff, mass-produced chair is nobody’s idea of an ideal situation. Not only does this increase workers’ risks of aches, pains, and permanent medical complaints, it also stands to impact their concentration.

Being unable to find a comfortable sitting position may well leave your employees unable to focus on their tasks and responsibilities. On top of this, they may be in no state of mind to collaborate and work with colleagues, either.

Alternatively, if you look at the specifics of each worker’s needs for comfort and satisfaction while in the office, you’ll avoid the aforementioned negatives.


Invest in Designer Furniture for a Luxurious Aesthetic

Provide your employees with luxurious designer furniture. Your office will benefit from a comfortable workforce (especially with ergonomic chairs, adjustable to their unique needs), as well as a stylish aesthetic overall.

Working in an attractive environment is incredibly important, to inspire pride in employees, as well as to impress visitors. Bringing clients into a bland, characterless office isn’t the ideal first impression; instead, invest in designer furniture to inject that all-important wow factor into your business’s establishment.

Even if you only purchase a modest selection of statement pieces, they will provide your team with high-end comfort and style. If they have luxurious chairs and couches upon which to sit and relax, your employees will have clearer minds and better moods for greater collaboration.

Gauge Your Team’s Opinions

Before you invest in luxurious furniture, sit down with your team to discuss their ideas and preferences. You can gauge their preferences for different types of furniture, and gain an insight into their specific expectations.

With this approach, you’ll make your team feel valued and ensure your money is invested in only those pieces­ best-suited to your workplace requirements. The process of discussing ideas also encourages collaboration and allows colleagues to share likes and dislikes, bringing them closer to one another.

Designer pieces, like those created by Crossford Furniture, provide superior comfort and style ideal for any modern office.


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