Rethinking Common Spaces

July 01, 2017

Rethinking Common Spaces

For many of us, there’s a very definite separation between work and home.
However, does it have to be this way?

Not necessarily. After all, nobody wants to feel as if their time at work is laborious, punishing, and a constant test of endurance. Bland offices and poor-quality furniture contribute to this significantly, instilling real discomfort and resentment in workers.
On the other hand, it’s understandable that companies want to keep workers focused on their job through minimal luxuries; they believe distractions may affect productivity, impacting performance overall.

Still, there’s a growing trend for a more relaxed workplace. Global corporations like Facebook are known for their stylish, more informal environments and casual dress-codes. In their Manhattan office, workers have plenty of comfortable corners to retreat to, should they require a quiet moment or two, and the open-plan layout encourages collaboration.
There is an abundance of designer couches, a library, and other luxuries – yet the results speak for themselves: the brand is obviously one of the biggest, most successful enterprises in the world. If you’re looking to revitalize your own office, or planning to establish your team in a new venue, a more relaxed approach could be just what you need. Let’s take a closer look. It’s an unwritten rule that office workers sit at desks all day long, but perhaps it’s time for you to consider breaking it. Imagine how much more relaxed, comfortable, and inviting your workplace would be with couches instead of standard furniture. Protect your employees’ bodies from those bland, mass-produced chairs and angular desks – treat them to furniture they genuinely enjoy using.

Comfort as Standard

Invest in designer ergonomic chairs which support your team’s bodies properly. Not only do aches and pains affect concentration, therefore impacting productivity, but sitting in an uncomfortable position may lead to physical problems in years to come
Luxurious ergonomic chairs can be adjusted to suit individual workers’ requirements, allowing them greater comfort through the working day.

Open Spaces

Cramped, stuffy offices are never a joy to work within. Combined with bland decors, poor lighting, and uncomfortable furniture, cluttered spaces can contribute to incredibly unsatisfactory working conditions. Private cubicles, blocks of desks, and self-contained offices are less popular today. Instead, open offices are more effective, enabling teams to collaborate and bond in an airy environment. Create an office which features couches, ergonomic chairs, and stylish desks: your staff will feel more relaxed, more valued, and ultimately more motivated to do their best.

A Refreshing Change

Provide your workers with plenty of refreshments. Free fruit, tea and coffee, juices, and sweet treats should all be available throughout the day. These help to make staff feel valued and respected, rather than simply being drones. You can keep stocked-up on these items at a fairly low cost, creating a better, more inviting environment for your workers and visitors alike.
At Crossford Furniture, our designer pieces combine impeccable style and luxurious comfort, providing today’s offices with the ideal solution for a modern environment.

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