Keeping a Creative Team Engaged

January 11, 2017

Keeping a Creative Team Engaged

Every business wants, and needs, to keep productivity high.

With even the smallest team, enough motivation, innovation, and determination all have the power to bring impressive results. While a business might lay the blame at a lapse in productivity at their employees’ feet, a lack of interest may not be at the root of the problem.

One possible reason could be the workplace itself. Having to spend long days, weeks, and months within uncomfortable confines does little for a team’s ability to perform at their best. Investing in a new décor and new furniture can revitalize your entire business, boosting your employees’ satisfaction, motivation, and overall productivity.

You may well underestimate the sheer power a luxurious chair or couch holds over your employees.

While those low-cost, mass-produced seats you bought in your brand’s early days might appear to be a smart purchase, your workers are the ones who have to actually sit on them day after day.

Not only do poor-quality chairs lead to aches and pains, they may also cause permanent conditions over time. At an immediate level, ergonomic chairs support your employees’ bodies properly, reducing uneven strain to cultivate greater comfort.

Another benefit of ergonomic chairs is that each worker can adjust them to suit their specific frame and preferences. This minimizes the risk of back problems, which can lead to time away from work and, furthermore, the team’s overall productivity.


Collaborative Creativity

Collaboration is key in the modern workplace. For departments of all sizes, for brands operating at a global or local level, pooling ideas enables breakthroughs to occur in ways they might not when employees work alone.

Open spaces are ideal for nurturing collaboration, particularly breakout rooms and corners dedicated to relaxation. While many businesses may bring departments into cramped conference rooms in a formal setting to brainstorm ideas, you can expect greater results in a more laid-back environment.

Invest in designer couches for a luxurious aesthetic and comfort. Give your employees a superior space in which to work together, generate concepts, and let their creativity run free.

Perks to Boost Morale

The happier your team, the more productive they will be.

Free fruit is increasingly common in modern offices (some Facebook employees have free or discounted meals) while free drinks (such as tea and coffee) are par for the course. However, consider how further you can take this to create a truly luxurious workplace your employees feel proud to be part of.

Buying lunches once or twice a week is terrific for increasing morale, such as ordering pizzas or subs for the entire office. Alternatively, you may want to provide sweet teats (candy, for example) or other snacks that help to make your workers feel even more valued.

Crossford Furniture is the perfect solution to introduce premium comfort to your business. We craft pieces which blend luxurious design and unparalleled comfort, promising to impress your team and visitors alike.

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